Friday, July 15, 2011


Preserving the traditions unique to YMCA Camp Silver Creek is an important part of our mission.

This section of the site is under construction and in need of assistance with content research and creation. Are you interested in being the curator for our online museum? Interested in more simply, posting an article, images or video in one of the following areas? Have additional ideas? 

Contact us at contact.cscaa [at] to donate your time and talents to this important initiative!

Online Museum
Photo Gallery

High quality slide show photography of camp

Staff photos by year 

Photo Albums & Snapshots by Decade


Origins of Camp
Building a cabin  
Camp Silver Creek Traditions
Camp Archive (songs, skits, maps, games, ice breakers)
Staff shirt design archive
In their words Features (meaningful quotations and reflections) 
Reflections on the 50th Anniversary celebration
Exhibit Archive

Board of Directors
Board Member Contact List  
Board Officer Profiles
Past Presidents List

By Laws

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